Rochester Tooling & Machining Association

Why Join The RTMA

To be recognized as the Upstate New York leader and source of information for precision machining, plastics and manufacturing industries.

To lead Upstate New York in precision custom manufacturers and achieving maximum business success by providing a knowledge center with emphasis on marketing, networking, finance, technology, public relations, education and government affairs.

Growth: Expanding our membership and value-added programs.

Trust: Respecting confidentiality and meeting commitments with integrity.

Teamwork: Develop membership involvement through key member participation.

The RTMA plays a key role in providing Upstate New York with vital business development, management information, and custom services. The PRIMARY GOAL of the RTMA is to help members gain exposure to projects and contracts that may not have been readily available to them or that they didn't know about. The RTMA can now achieve this goal with the implementation of an OEM RFP System Database. The OEM RFP System Database allows OEMS to search the entire RTMA membership profile database for specialized services and submit a Request For Proposal (RFP) to allow members to bid on a specific project/job.

Businesses wanting to keep pace with a rapidly changing global marketplace should consider a membership with the RTMA. Our members are committed to the future of the American manufacturing industry and provide the opportunity to share ideas and grow through business experiences. The RTMA also offers vital industry input to organizations, governments, and educational institutions for the advancement of the industry.

Some of the services that the RTMA specializes in are:

  • Assembly Services
  • Engineering and Design Services
  • Electronics Manufacturing and Assemblies
  • Fabrication and Stamping
  • Finishing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Grinding
  • High-Precision Complex Machining
  • Parts Production: Short/Long Run
  • Mold Making, Plastics and Die Cast
    • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Prototypes
  • Research and Development
  • System Automation and Specialty Machines
  • Tooling and Gaging