Rochester Tooling & Machining Association


 RTMA RFP System Allows
You To:
  • Create Request for Proposals (RFP's) Online
  • Match Your RFP to Qualified Suppliers
  • Create a Custom List
  • Evaluate and Compare Quotes without Discrepancies
  • Contact Key Supplier Personnel Instantly
Ultimate Resources, Ultimate Results.

The RTMA RFP System allows OEMS to source for manufacturing services specifically in the Upstate New York region. Why Upstate? It is one of the most highly condensed regions for manufacturing, machine tool and related service industries in the world. The RTMA cluster of companies has been working together for decades both competitively and collaboratively. The group of companies is comprised of:
  • The most technologically advanced equipment and processes
  • The most dedicated human resources from Machinists to MBAS
  • The most exports in manufactured parts than any other area its size in the U.S.

In today's global economy, some RFQ sites can be overwhelming. With the RTMA RFP System, the best-of-the-best is involved. Instant live access can be provided to anyone, from a sales engineer to a CEO. Contact information is kept confidential until a company is ready to make a purchasing decision.

Registering with the RTMA RFP System is FREE AND EASY. Sign up today and see what Upstate New York has to offer!

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