Rochester Tooling & Machining Association

Keynote Address

Promoting The Membership

Kevin J. Kelley
RTMA Executive Director

The RTMA is enhancing its efforts to position its members as a local supply chain, which provides higher value for integrating manufacturing companies.

Presently, the RTMA has two websites, and was developed to create awareness about advanced manufacturing, the benefits that the RTMA provides to members, the capabilities of members, and a request for quote mechanism to generate work for members. was developed to connect with original equipment manufacturers outside of Greater Rochester and New York State for the purpose of generating more requests for quotes.  At that time, we were unable to merge with due to operational constraints.

In order to improve the positioning of RTMA Members as state-of-the-art advanced manufacturers, a new, improved RTMA Website will be constructed.  It will take the best features of the work done to date, and add elements which will provide a clean, modern website design that is easy to navigate.  It will be branded as, and add value for each of our members.

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