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Rochester Gear Inc.

Rochester Gear is a manufacturer of small and medium size gears, founded in 1952. In February of 2007, Rochester Gear was purchased by Scott Caccamise and Tony Fedor. Caccamise has 24 years of gear manufacturing experience and Fedor has 33 years of manufacturing experience at Eastman Kodak.

Rochester Gear has a very diverse list of customers and products. Our product mix includes spur and helical gears, bevel gears, timing pulleys, clutches, splines, worms and worm wheels. Our gears are provided to customers in the following markets: industrial, automotive/rail, construction, military, medical and aerospace.

We have a reputation of producing high quality gears, at good value and excellent service. Since purchasing the business in 2007 we have made substantial capital improvements and obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. This strategy has resulted in a 62% increase in sales. Our loyal customer base continues to grow and we continue to obtained new customers.

We are blessed to have a very capable and dedicated work force! Although new equipment gives us the capability of producing higher quality gears more effectively, a highly skilled work force is essential.

As a long term active members of RTMA we continue to participate in their programs. We especially appreciate the role RTMA plays as our political advocate.

Contact Info:
Anthony Fedor, President
Scott Caccamise, Executive Vice President
Rochester Gear, Inc.
213 Norman Street
Rochester, NY 14613

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