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Power Management

Power Management is an unbiased and independent energy consulting company that assists commercial and industrial clients with managing their energy. Founded in 1997, Power Management is headquartered in Rochester, NY. We proudly maintain a 97 percent customer retention rate and currently serve over 22,000 commercial and industrial customers nationwide.

We understand how critical managing energy cost is to a company's success. Business leaders are faced with trying to sort through the overwhelming number of energy companies offering electric and natural gas supply alternatives. Power Management will leverage our strong relationships with nationally recognized and financially sound energy suppliers to obtain the most competitive pricing and provide you with an all-inclusive approach to best manage your energy costs. We will structure a custom energy purchasing strategy that best reflects your unique business goals. Once an agreement is in place, we will stay in touch and continuously monitor the markets for any advantageous opportunities that coincide with your strategy and alert you when those opportunities exist. Even if you have an energy plan in place now, we can help you establish a comprehensive approach to manage your future energy needs.

Our strategy not only includes evaluating all competitive supply options for natural gas and electric accounts, but also reviewing your specific business needs to assist you with any energy efficiency or conservation projects such as lighting upgrades or solar PV installations. Power Management will also locate any available energy incentive programs that your business might be eligible for and assist you with the application process.

We feel that itís important to empower our clients with the knowledge needed to make sound budgeting decisions based on factual market and pricing data. Please visit our website at to see examples of the news we cover each week and also check out our new energy blog that addresses current energy issues. Contact Power Management today to learn more!

Joanne Sinopoli, Business Development Manager

Power Management Company

1600 Moseley Rd., Suite 100

Victor, NY 14564


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