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Usource, based in Portsmouth, N.H. with its Rochester, NY office, helps clients manage, control, monitor, and reduce electricity and natural gas costs as their trusted energy advisor. Founded in 1999, Usource is highly sought after for its expertise in navigating the complexities of the deregulated energy commodities markets.

Usource services add value beyond energy procurement at the local, regional, and national levels.

We secure the best possible pricing for our wide range of industrial, commercial, and institutional clients in deregulated markets—leveraging proprietary technology, volume purchasing power, and deep market experience.

Using our E-Compass, Usource customers can navigate the full life-cycle of energy use and impacts across their entire organization—starting with procurement.

E-Compass Services:


Usource delivers the optimal energy program for our customers using a four-step, "one-chance" bid process in which we analyze your situation, propose the right strategy to get you the best deal, auction your energy requirements, and manage your ongoing solutions. 

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can help you support your organization’s sustainability goals, meet compliance requirements, reduce emissions, and showcase leadership. Usource offers RECs (renewable energy credits), carbon offsets, onsite solar generation, and green power for LEED projects. 

Load Management

Usource’s load management services help customers cut energy capacity costs by predicting when peak demand hours will occur and making targeted adjustments accordingly. Other load management programs include traditional demand response, which incents users to curtail electricity consumption during periods of peak demand.

Energy Efficiency

Usource can evaluate your energy usage and operations and recommend strategies to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. Potential areas we investigate for upgrades, monitoring, and automated control include lighting; HVAC systems; cooling and refrigeration systems; motors, pumps, and compressors; and boiler systems.

Energy Aggregation

In regions where the competitive markets have matured, you have the opportunity to combine usage from several or all of your facilities. Doing so can vastly improve pricing. Usource arranges for bidding suppliers to price multiple scenarios, with opportunities to price regionally or under a "winner-take-all" scenario.

Energy Transport

Usource has saved certain large clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by identifying incorrect transport rates or through negotiation of special transport rates. Usource can review all tariffs in effect and act as your advocate to place you on the most beneficial rate and secure refunds of overpayments where possible.

Invoice Management

Energy invoicing can be very detailed, and billing errors can result in large, incorrect charges. Usource and its strategic partners can manage your utility bills using sophisticated technology and analysis. Our fully automated invoice management system offers you greater insights, control, and opportunities for savings. 

Risk Management

Usource monitors the market and can implement strategies to lock in prices based on your needs and criteria. We also monitor regulatory environments for key changes, help you anticipate drivers that may change your costs, and identify opportunities to optimize energy cost management.

Market Incentives

There are a host of national and state programs providing incentives to reduce energy consumption. Usource evaluates available programs and incentives for each utility and each state as part of your energy plan to provide you with the most savings and the best pricing available.

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