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'Don't leave Rochester!' Trump talks economy, jobs in upstate N.Y.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - WHAM was selected as one of just three TV stations to do a sit-down interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


"When you look at upstate New York, you look at Rochester and all these places that I've known for years, it's like decimation is what's happening," said Trump.


During the face-to-face interview, and during the rally, Trump emphasized the topic of jobs in the Rochester economy.


"We've got to stop these horrible trade deals from destroying places like Rochester," said Trump. "You look at the jobs. I got some numbers just before I left, and I've known Rochester over the years, and I have friends that live up here, they're wonderful people, they work hard and there's nothing. There's nothing for them."


According to Trump, Rochester has lost 90,000 jobs since 1970, and 4,000 jobs in six months. He said to thousands during the rally, "Don't leave Rochester! I'm telling you, I will bring it back so fast."


He also called out the former local company Sentry Safe that outsourced hundreds of hometown jobs.


"So I hear about Sentry Safe, so I just heard about it today - they left. They're going to Mexico, they're going to make safes, they're going to let go of 500 people - and here's what's going to happen: Very simply - they're going to make their safe, and I'm going to say: that's wonderful, it's a wonderful product, good luck with it, but you're going to pay a nice big tariff or tax when you try and sell that safe to the United States," said Trump during the rally.

 Trump urged everyone at the rally to vote in the primary April 19.

He will be in Albany Monday night.

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