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Collaborative Manufacturing: Driving Speed and Quality in Today's Complex Heavy Equipment World

Heavy equipment manufacturers are confronted with increasing complexity. You are buffeted by increasing customer requirements, product variations and global production all under the pressure of reduced time to market.


You need effective collaborative manufacturing capabilities to better integrate product and production processes, planning, and strategies and improve overall machine quality.


In this webinar, we will discuss key challenges facing heavy equipment manufacturers and their need to unify global engineering and manufacturing teams. Learn how product and production changes can be kept in sync and issues are identified and resolved earlier in the lifecycle.


In doing so your teams are able to work on the same requirements, models and manufacturing process plans, while having the flexibility to meet local requirements. We call this Collaborative Manufacturing. The results are clear benefits like:


 Improved offline simulation and optimization of manufacturing planning


 Optimized design and manufacturing processes


 Dynamic enterprise manufacturing intelligence connected with product development and faster response to change


In addition, Gary D'Souza will discuss how AGCO was able to unify global design, engineering and manufacturing teams so they were able to work on the same requirements, models and manufacturing process plans and deliver the right data to the shop floor.

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