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How To Cope With New Minimum-Wage Laws
  The other day, California governor Jerry Brown signed a law raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 over several years. A few hours later New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced agreement on a similar measure, which would raise the minimum (in stages) to $15 in New York City and $12.50 upstate....
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Collaborative Manufacturing: Driving Speed and Quality in Today's Complex Heavy Equipment World
Heavy equipment manufacturers are confronted with increasing complexity. You are buffeted by increasing customer requirements, product variations and global production all under the pressure of reduced time to market. You need effective collaborative manufacturing capabilities to better integ...
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Global NY Fund is $35 million to help businesses grow
Erin Cole, senior vice president for Global NY, explains the specifics to a group of business professionals in Pittsford.(Photo: Khristopher J. Brooks/@AmericanGlow/staff photographer) Gary Miller owns a small startup company where employees use special equipment to turn waste water into renewabl...
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